Virgin America: Making it possible to date above ground.

Dating on your flight? It’s possible. Okay, maybe not “dating,” per say, but Virgin America has made it 100% possible to hit on someone in the air.

After buckling up, (safety first) turn on the screen in front of you and hit “talk.” You then have the option to choose, “seat to seat” or “chat room.” If you choose “seat to seat,” you simply press the seat number of the person you’d like to send a message to. If you chose “chat room,” you can add multiple seats.

It gets better!

Thanks to Virgin America, you are not only allowed to send messages to another seat, you can also send a drink! This is awesome. I’m just sitting in 24C, waiting for the man in 23D to send me a drink. He doesn’t have to impress me with a glass of wine or anything. I’d be happy with a Diet Coke… or even ginger ale.

Cheers to Virgin America, helping flyers meet above ground!

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