Pick Me Up

I have spent a good chunk of my time reading through messages, and what never gets old is the good ol’ pick-up line.  Sometimes the pick-up lines that men use make me laugh, but most times, they just make my eyes roll.  Then, I read the occasional line that seriously makes me cringe!

Enjoy these REAL pick-up lines that I have received while dating online:

  • “Is your name Ariel, cuz we mermaid for each other.”
  • “Hey there, I noticed you also like to cook. Where do you like to grab groceries?”
  • “I think we owe it to ourselves to grab a coffee. Plus I can totally teach you how to scuba dive.”
  • “4 out of 5 doctors say that replying to messages on your online dating accounts actually improves your mood, helps you relax, and gives you complete invincibility for 24 hours. Hope to hear from you soon. ;-)”
  • “Hi.  I don’t think we’re made for each other. But, I would like to ask you for a favor.  Can you send me your clothes?  Not like what you’re wearing right now, but can you send me one of your full outfits, including your underwear and bra? It’s for an experiment I am doing and I want to put them on.  Thank you for reading this.”
  • “What you been Drinking? SNAPPLE??????? Cause it looks like you are made from the Best Stuff on Earth!”
  • “Here I am, what are your other 2 wishes?”
  • “Your account will be CLOSED unless you reply to this message with your name, phone number, your favorite flower, and how many Cheetos you can fit in your mouth.”



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