The First Date: Bad

After hearing a couple success stories and of course still sitting single, I finally downloaded an online-dating app.  I quickly got through the questionnaire and uploaded some of my favorite pics.  A couple days went by and I was caught off guard by this handsome man, named Aaron.  I remember reading his profile.  He was well read, a frequent traveller and had a great job in the Seattle area. His pictures were breathtaking.  Seriously, he was that good looking.

About a week later, I found myself lying to him through text messages as I rushed to the Kirkland waterfront for my first online-found date.

“I am coming straight from work, so please don’t judge my wardrobe!”  Why the heck did I lie? The truth was that I couldn’t find anything to wear!  I stopped at my house before leaving for the date.  I put on a pair of nice Page jeans and my favorite, sleek, black blazer.  Running late, I texted Aaron that stupid lie.  Was I trying to look like I had a cooler job than I really did? Where I wore jeans and a formal blazer? Probably.

The restaurant was very new, almost like a little wine bar.  I walked in and immediately saw Aaron (the perfect Ken doll, if I’ve ever seen one) smile and stand up from a spot at the bar.  There was no time to pretend I didn’t see him and just act cool; he was staring straight at me.

“Can I get you something to drink?” the bartender asked.  I looked over at Aaron, who was holding a beer of some sort.

“I’ll have what he’s having! Add a lime, please.”

What in the world was I doing? First of all, I don’t normally drink alcohol.  Secondly, I had no idea what I was talking about, but I knew I would sound cool if I said, “add a lime.” HA!

The bartender looked at Aaron, and Aaron back at him, then said:

“Huh. I’ve never tried that. Are you sure?”

“Yep!” Oh, Lord. I’m obviously new at this.  I guess lime doesn’t go with just any beer?


What followed was nothing but awkward conversation, me eating a chicken caesar salad and him gazing off at the older couple beside us. I can’t bore you with our convo topics, because I don’t even remember them.  I just drank my disgusting beer, tried to hold in any burps that tried to surface, and smiled my way through.  Oh, and I paid my own bill and he paid his.  I’m all for splitting a bill on the first date, but he literally gave his card to the bartender and said, “I’m paying for mine only.” Just a little turnoff.

The Ken doll was such a boring date.  He didn’t make me laugh, he barely made me smile.  Remember one thing: BE YOURSELF. Don’t order beer if you don’t drink beer; don’t try to be cooler than you already are. Just because someone has the looks, doesn’t at all mean that they are right for you.  It takes way more than looks to have a connection with someone.  This was my first online-found date.  I automatically saw how hot he was, but didn’t pay attention to how different we were.  From our beliefs and morals, to our job and hobby interests, we were not meant to be.





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